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I’m a graphic designer with over twenty years of industry experience. I work on projects in print and digital, for a variety of clients. I develop ideas, create illustration and artwork, and manage production. I also work with a network of proven creative collaborators as projects demand.

Salmo trutta


Typographic development for fly fishing magazine Fly Culture. Letterforms take on the shape and characteristics of a brown trout.

Exploring space


Space-themed illustration developed for a children's brand. Two heads depicting nature and technology overlap to form a rocket.

Words and pictures

Book cover

Photographer John Angerson retraced JB Priestley’s English Journey in images. The cover makes the most of Priestley’s original subtitle.

Choosing wisely


A kitchen poster packed with information to encourage better food decisions by cutting saturated fats. Interesting and useful on a very limited budget.

Structure and clarity

Information design

A collection of patient information leaflets, made easy to use through colour-coded templates and clear typographic hierarchy.

Quick thinking


This simple poster went from concept to illustration, feedback, amends and print-ready artwork in one afternoon.



The cover of this directory of cancer specialists is also the index. It gives GPs an immediate list of specialist areas, with tabs that go straight to that section.

Initial sketches

Aged 8

My interest in graphic design started early. Thanks to my Nan for archiving the work.

Winter break


I collaborated with writer Mike Reed on a festive gathering. Our invitation has some fun with the critical creative types on the guest list.

Happy accident


A straightfoward approach to advertising a new motorcycle boot by highlighting the consequence of not wearing them.

Birthday blowout


An observation to celebrate the British Heart Foundation's 50th year.



Celebrating sportswear company PUMA's involvement in African football, and their new boot design.